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OKLAHOMA VOTER GUIDE is a nonpartisan project of the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma. We are proud to offer readers a high-quality resource with analysis and education for the Nov. 3, 2020, election. This Voter Guide does not endorse or oppose any candidates for state and federal office, nor does it take any position on the state questions.

Felony Convictions


This measure seeks to add a new Article II-A to the Oklahoma Constitution. This new Article excepts and does not apply to persons who have ever been convicted of a violent felony. It would prohibit the use of a former felony conviction to increase the statutorily allowable base range of punishment for a person subsequently convicted of a felony.

Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust


This measure seeks to amend Article 10, Section 40 of the Oklahoma Constitution (Section 40), which directs proceeds from the State’s settlements with or judgments against tobacco companies.