2022 Oklahoma Voter Guide


U.S. House of Representatives

The 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives serve two-year terms and represent congressional districts in each state (apportioned by population). The U.S. House initiates all revenue-related bills as well as passes bills that, when approved by the Senate, go to the President for consideration.

District 1

Kevin Hern (R)

Expand the recognition of concealed carry licenses for gun owners across the country. Believes businesses should have access to capital to start and grow. Supports implementing tax cuts to stimulate the growth of the American middle class. Believes increased international trade will bring jobs and revenue to Oklahoma. Improve the Veterans Affairs system by ending waste and increasing accessibility.

Adam Martin (D)

Mandatory background checks on all gun sales. Ban military-style assault weapon sales to the general public. Close loopholes that allow domestic abusers to obtain a firearm. Raise federal minimum wage to $15/hour. Corporations should pay fair share of taxes. Close corporate tax loopholes.

Evelyn Rogers (I)

No information available.

District 2

Josh Brecheen (R)

Believes there are too many gun laws. Reduce excessive spending by the federal government. Believes in balanced federal budget. No role for the federal government in education. Federal Department of Education should be eliminated.

Naomi Andrews (D)

Believes supply chain is crumbling under dependence on foreign goods and services. Minimum wage should be a living wage. Public school quality should be consistent. College and trade schools should be available to all. Forgive student loans once the original amount borrowed has been paid. Believes in cost cap for insulin. Military should provide veterans with medical screenings for PTSD and depression. Believes in common-sense gun reform.

Ben Robinson (I)

Consider reopening pipelines and lessening regulations on drilling. Believes scholarships and loans should be forgiven upon completion of school and start of working. Create home-like environment in veteran centers. Believes in supported transition from military to civilian career.

District 3

Frank Lucas (R)

Rein in excessive regulations stifling agriculture and energy production. Create a fairer and simpler tax system. Federal government must cut back on spending. Strive for balanced budget without raising taxes. Voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. Health care decisions should be between patient and their doctor. Accessible, affordable, quality healthcare. Lower cost of healthcare. Improve access to quality care for those in rural areas.

Jeremiah A. Ross (D)

Remove past accrued interest from students’ debt. Future loans would be interest free, based on FAFSA. Incentivize oil and gas industry by adjusting current subsidies provided and increasing gross production taxes. Would vote to protect rights under the 14th Amendment. Marry who you want. Extend the Child Tax Credit. Decriminalize marijuana use and possession. Remove marijuana from Schedule 1 status.

District 4

Tom Cole (R)

Cut back on federal spending. Reform mandatory spending. Reform Social Security. Reduce U.S. reliance on Chinese support in our supply chain. Bring accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Expand GI Bill benefits for student veterans. Supports charter schools, vouchers, opportunity scholarships, and homeschooling. Give state and local education leaders authority to develop criteria.

Mary Brannon (D)

Reverse tax cuts for the wealthy. Make richest 2% pay fair share. Believes Veterans Administration should remain part of the federal government. Roll back funding cuts and restore benefits for veterans. Stop cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Make insulin affordable. Keep public funds in public schools.

District 5

Stephanie Bice (R)

Voted to make Oklahoma a constitutional carry state. Supported right-to-carry reciprocity legislation. Fought against legislation infringing upon 2nd Amendment. Should not rely on foreign supplies to lower U.S. gas prices. Federal government should help states produce affordable and reliable domestic energy. Supports a balanced federal budget. Authored a bill requiring informed consent for nursing home patients for prescription of antipsychotic drugs.

Joshua Harris-Till (D)

Believes in affordable healthcare. Will work to protect the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, and funding for rural hospitals. Supports policies that repair, improve, and expand infrastructure. Prioritize giving Oklahoma contracts to Oklahoma contractors. Fund K-12 schools. Free school lunches. Supports Head Start programs. Supports meaningful student loan reform. Abolish credit scores. Supports gun violence prevention.

David K. Frosch (I)

Lower prescription drug prices. Enact Medicare for all citizens. Make permanent the Child Tax Credit program. Tuition-free public colleges and universities. Free community college and trade schools. Reduce class sizes in public schools. Make schools safe. Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour for corporate employees and a lower wage for small business employees.